What’s a Good Deadlift for My Weight?

It depends on whether you train for it or not and this is only for people who are of normal weight or slim. It’s not applicable to those who have a lot of bodyfat because while being fat does inevitably strengthen your back due to the heavier load it does not help with strength like muscle does. In other words, a 100kg muscled man is likelier to be stronger and he will probably lift more weight than a 100kg obese man. So, if you’re of normal weight and have never trained your back with the deadlift or some other similar exercise like atlas stone lifting then I say lifting twice your own body weight for one rep should be considered good. Nothing special, but good and it shows that you possess average strength amongst normal, untrained men. Andy Bolton Deadlift Go talk to some powerlifters, check out some bodybuilding forums and you’ll find plenty of people who hold the same opinion. If you’ve never trained before then lifting 2x your own bodyweight deadlift is a decent lift, especially if you live a sedentary lifestyle. This is only for untrained men though… in bodybuilding and (especially) powerlifting/strongman circles lifting twice your own body weight is not an impressive feat at all and is certainly nothing to be proud of. For trained men I say 3 times your own bodyweight for one rep would be a good deadlift. Some will tell you 2.5x bodyweight is good but I don’t find that to be impressive for a powerlifter at all unless he’s overweight, as I know plenty of men with normal BMI who could do that without any previous back training.

So yeah, 2x BW for untrained men and 3x BW for powerlifters, (both for one rep) is what constitutes a good lift for me. Lighter powerlifters commonly lift over 3x bodyweight but the heavier ones rarely do so for heavily overweight and obese individuals less than those statistics (say 1.5x and 2.5x) should be fine. Benedikt Magnusson and Eddie Hall, the men with the strongest lifts in the world lifted less than 2.75x of their bodyweight to make those records and there’s no way you’re going to make a world record like that in the lighter divisions, but since those men are very overweight their lifts are still impressive.

Take a look at how pro powerlifting organizations classify lifts by weight class:


Anything higher than 3 times your BW is great and remarkable regardless of your bodyweight and previous back training.

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