Weighted Vest Workouts

If you want to add a little something extra to your workout, consider using a weighted vest. You might have seen these on TV and thought they looked rather silly, but the truth is, weighted vest workouts have some pretty amazing benefits. For one thing, you burn more calories when you use a weighted vest and you are also strengthening your muscles by putting more stress on them than normal.weighted vest

If you like the sound of that, here are some great weighted vest workouts you can do. Make sure that you start light at first until you know what weight is perfect for you. The last thing you’ll want to do is give yourself an injury the first time you use the weight vest.

Sit-ups: Doing sit-ups with a weighted vest is a great workout. Your body gets used to doing situps with your own weight and so you don’t progress as fast as you actually are able to, unless you push yourself much farther than most people. But when you do sit-ups with a weight vest you are making each one a great deal more effective.

Pull-ups: Next are pull-ups. You know that pull-ups are a great exercise that you do against your own body weight, so it makes perfect sense that they would be a great workout with a weighted vest added on. You’d be surprised at how much more difficult and challenging pull ups become when you add even a mere 5kg of extra weight.

Wide Grip Push-ups:  If you’ve never done wide grip pushups, you are missing out one great way to work your chest and arms. If you want, add the wide grip pushups, and any of the other recommended exercises into a strength training circuit that you can use in conjunction with the weighted vest.

Inverted Rows: The inverted row is sort of like a bench press exercise. Except in a bench press you are pushing the weight up and pulling it down to your chest. The problem with regular rows is that it puts your back at risk for injury. The inverted row does not have the same potential for disaster, so it is much preferable and safer exercise. Do the workout with w weighted vest and you have one hell of a strength training exercise.

Squats: The squat is also an amazing workout to do with a weighted vest. Since you are working your legs and glutes when you do squats, and working against your body, a little added weight is perfect for increasing that muscle strength. The best way to do the squat would be to use a barbell with a lot of weight, same way powerlifters and strongmen do it. But doing this by yourself is particularly dangerous and inconvenient especially if you don’t have the necessary equipment. Doing them with a weighted vest is much easier and not as dangerous since you are not lifting a (usually very) heavy barbell.

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