Weight Lifting Gloves

Weight lifting gloves are gloves specifically made for bodybuilders and powerlifters to lift weights with. Men commonly use them for the deadlift and the bench press but some also use them for pull ups. They are usually used by people who have thin, fragile skin which develops blisters easily and by others who have a weak grip. Here’s what they look like:

weight lifting gloves

Should I use weight lifting gloves?

I don’t recommend them for the very same reason I don’t recommend wrist straps. These gloves do not improve your grip strength and both of your grip and palm skin can be strengthened by lifting barehanded. If you’re having difficulty holding a particular weight then you should lower it and practice regularly until holding it becomes easy. The Deadlift is a great exercise for grip strength if you lift without gloves or straps. Simply grab the bar as tight as you can, lift and try staying in standing position while holding it for as long as you can.

But what if my hands get sweaty?

Some people use weightlifting gloves solely for this reason. A better solution would be to use chalk like powerlifters do in powerlifting competitions. There’s no way the barbell will slip after you dry your hands with that powder.

Do gloves prevent blisters and calluses?

Weight glove sellers often claim that their product will prevent blisters and calluses but this is not always the case because many people still develop injury even with gloves. In the end the best way to protect against this is to strengthen the skin of your palm, and one of the ways to do that is to lift barehanded.

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