Upper Body Workout

Want to strengthen your upper body but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, down below you’ll find the ultimate upper body workout that works just about every muscle in your upper body. Now by the term upper body I am talking about the torso and the back. The neck and arms aren’t included but still some of these exercise below will have an effect on those muscles.

Single-Arm Barbell Rows: This is a great workout because it targets so many different parts of the upper body. The lats, middle back, shoulders, biceps and triceps all get a workout when you do single arm rows with the barbell.

single arm barbell row


Elevated Pushups: If you haven’t thought of doing elevated pushups before, now is the time to get in on this terrific upper chest exercise. If you want to get the same effect but use a weight bench and a bar instead, try doing the incline bench press.

elevated push up


Single-Arm Pushups: When you do regular pushups, you do work out several muscle groups including the arms and chest. But when you do one-armed pushups you work out a lot more like Chest, Shoulders, Triceps, Abdominals as well as Trapezoids, Rhomboids, Infraspinatus.

one arm push up


Deadlifts: The Deadlift works your lower back and core like no other exercise and it also gets those hard-to-reach areas like some of the abdominals that most people don’t work out. The lats and traps are also worked pretty good with this exercise. deadlift


Shrugs: No exercise works your trapezius muscle better than the shrugs. With this exercise you are lifting the entire weight with your traps so you can expect the targeted muscle to be strengthened relatively quickly.



Bench Press/Incline Bench Press: The bench press is obviously a great workout for the chest, as well as the arms. But if you get an adjustable bench so you can do incline bench you’ll be able to work a lot more chest muscles and the lower part of the shoulders.incline bench press


Pull-ups: Pull-ups are a great workout for the upper back, the shoulders and some arm muscles. Plus, pull-ups can be done anywhere. You could install a bar in a doorway at home and do pull-ups any time you wanted. If you find them easy to perform then I recommend using a weighted vest, ankle weights or a bag filled with weights.

chin ups


Crunches: Ah, the dreaded crunches. Look, the abdominals are part of the upper body and if you are going to be building muscle in all of the other groups of your upper body, you might as well be working on your abdominals too. Crunches come in several different variations but you should at least do regular, incline and decline so that you can get all three parts of the abdominal muscles equally worked out.



Muscle up: This is the king of the upper back exercises if you ask me. It works your upper back, chest and deltoids and normally you don’t need to wear a weighted vest for the exercise to be effective. For most people their own bodyweight will be more than enough.

how to do a muscle up


Pull-down Bar: The pull-down bar works your back, shoulders, biceps, triceps and a few other minor areas. If you have access to this machine then you should definitely do this great exercise.

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