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Strength Training Guide For Tennis Players

Skill and technique are more important than anything in Tennis but by strengthening your body you will be able to run and shoot faster, so strength training is definitely important for this sport. Even a sprinting increase of a few milliseconds can make a difference and the harder your shots are the harder it will be for your opponents to keep up with you.


Upper Body Training

Probably the best strengthening exercises for tennis players are the ones which utilize a kettlebell. These exercises are a mix between a strength building exercise and a cardiovascular exercise.

The Single Arm Swing: This exercise will grant you more power and improve your serve. To execute this lift simply pick the bell up off of the ground with one arm. Next, rotate your fist so that your knuckles are pointing right at the sphere of the bell. From here on simply swing the bell between your legs and up to chest level. Make sure to properly utilize your hips in order to build the momentum to swing the kettlebell.

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How to get Stronger Legs

It’s not uncommon for men to train their upper body intensely without paying much attention to the lower body. This is a pity because the legs are the foundation of the human body, and a pair of strong legs will improve your balance as well as your overall strength and well-being. Let’s take a look at some of the best leg training methods:



This squat is the king of leg training methods and it’s one of the three lifts in the sport of powerlifting. It strengthens the gluteal muscles, quadriceps, hamstring, and other leg muscles.


The squat can be done normally by holding a weighted barbell on your shoulder like powerlifters do, by holding some weight in your hands, with a heavy backpack or even without weights. You can start by doing the latter but if you want to develop great leg strength then eventually you have to start doing it while holding some heavy weights.

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