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How to do Squats

If you want the best workout routine possible and you don’t currently incorporate squats into that workout, you might want to consider it. Squats are some of the best overall exercise that are available today and experts predict that you can easily improve your total overall workout by ten percent or more just by adding this one exercise. However, if you are going to do squats, you need to make sure that you are doing them correctly. Not only will the wrong form not give you the benefit you want to get from doing squats, the wrong form may actually cause a serious injury if it’s done with heavy weights.

how to do squats


Preparing for Squats

When you do squats for the first time you are going to want to do them without any weight. You can add weight later on when you get the form down perfectly, but until then, you are just asking for an injury. Even if you have done squats before, you may want to improve your form. The better your form is, the more benefit you will get out of this exercise and the more weight you will be able to lift.

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