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What is the Strongest Muscle in the Body?

With over 600 muscles in the human body it’s tough to pick a favorite and even though there has been research conducted on muscles with very measurable results, it is still difficult to definitively say that one particular muscle is the strongest, because strength is measured several different ways. Even so, there are a few muscles that stand out. They are: the gluteus Maximus, the masseter muscle and the heart.


Meet the Masseter Muscle

The masseter muscle, you say? Are you confused? Most people have never heard of the masseter muscle, but it’s one that you use all day, every day. It qualifies as the strongest because of the potential force that it can exert on something else – like a cheeseburger. Does that hint help? masseter muscle

Yep, it’s in your face and it’s the muscles that help you chew your food and pretty much anything else that has to do with your jaw. The masseter muscle works your jaws and has the ability to exert a ridiculous amount of pressure on outside objects. It’s the same with any other mammal.

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No, Squats do NOT Make Your Butt Bigger!

It’s about time someone dispels this myth. Maybe then less-endowed women would stop getting their hopes up and men would stop being afraid of performing the squat with the fear of their backside getting bigger.

squat and gluteus maximus

First of all the reason the female’s butt is larger, or should I say chunkier than the male’s is because of the higher fat deposit in that body part. Exceptions aside, men tend to store most bodyfat around their belly while women store it mostly in their buttocks and breasts. It is that fat which gives the female a larger and shapelier behind, not the gluteal muscles. If a female doesn’t have that extra fat then her backside wouldn’t be that different from a man’s. See where I’m getting at here?  The squat primarily works the gluteus maximus, the muscle of the buttocks. It will make your behind stronger and harder but it won’t make it plump because as I have already told you earlier, it is the fat which makes the female butt plump, not the muscle. Females do not have bigger butt muscles than men. They just have more fat, especially in that area.

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