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Incline Bench Press

Anyone who is a fan of working out should be a fan of the bench press. This versatile little tool can help you work out several muscles and is especially useful when building up the chest and arms. The bench press is a marvel of modern fitness and if you’re into bench press exercises then you’re going to love the incline bench press. Exercises on the incline bench press are similar to the ones that you usually do, but they work a different set of muscles and you would be remiss in putting together a full workout without incorporating some incline bench.

incline bench press


What is an Incline Bench Press?

An incline bench press is just like your flat model, except that it is raised on one side to give you a 45-degree angle, a variation that makes for some great workouts that you wouldn’t usually get on the normal bench. Incline benches come in a couple different configurations. All-in-one gyms and more expensive benches are adjustable so that you can do many different kinds of incline, decline and flat bench exercises. The other kind is the simple incline bench that you only use for these type of exercises.

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