Strongman Training

What is the best way to train like a strongman? Easy, just do the exercises that strongmen do in the arena. These events that have been designed to test men to the very brink of their potential aren’t just flashy crowd-pleasers; they are all actual exercises that will train your body the way you want it to be trained. So, let’s take a look at the things that strongmen do in competition and examine the muscle groups that they affect and how these competitive events can get you in the best shape of your life.


Backward Drag: The backwards drag is a popular strongman event where the competitor pulls a heavy object while walking backwards. This is a terrific workout because it adds size and strength to your quads in a way that little else does. This is also an exercise that you can probably design at home to practice.backward drag


Farmer’s Walk: This strongman sport is likely named after farmers of the past who had amazing strength because they often had to carry heavy objects across the farm, sometimes a short distance and sometimes longer. For the strongman competitor this exercise is difficult, strenuous and a little intimidating but the workout that you get is totally worth it. Read this post for more information on this great exercise.

farmer's walk


Atlas Stone Lifting: Atlas stone lifting can be done anywhere, wherever you have the room to lift the stone. This is such a good exercise for the buttocks and also creates a stronger core, gives you huge arms and shoulders and especially strengthens your back in a big way.

atlas stone


Power Stairs: Power stairs is an incredible exercise where you haul a huge weight up a set of stairs, one step at a time. The muscles that are targeted are mainly the hamstrings, but this exercise also works the lower back, shoulders, trapezoids, glues, calves and abductors. It is also one of the most important exercises to practice your technique on, because if you just start hauling stuff up stairs without learning the proper way to do it first, you are at serious risk of a back injury.

power stairs


Keg Toss: It should probably go without saying that you should warm up before you do any of these exercises. That is even more important with the keg toss, as is technique. But technique isn’t just important to prevent injury, it is also important to excelling at this particular event. You also need to have perfect timing and strength, as well as explosiveness.

keg toss


Tire Flip: The tire flip is a great exercise. It looks impressive and it feels great to do. Because you have to pick the tire up off the ground, you get the benefit of squats, bicep exercises and core strengthening when you do the tire flip.tire lift


Truck Pull: When someone thinks of a strongman competition, this is usually the first thing they picture. It is a well-known event that requires you to use several different muscles like your forearms, biceps, hop flexors, quads, calves hamstrings and lats as well as your trapezoids.

truck pull


Deadlift: A common challenge in the strongman competition is the “car lift” which is basically the same as the deadlift but looks more awesome to perform (the strongman competition is for entertainment after all). The deadlift targets plenty of muscles and is highly recommended for all men who seek to gain strength. You won’t find a strongman who doesn’t practice it in one form or another.

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