Strength Training Without Weights

Do you want to get stronger but do not have access to weights? Don’t worry, men have been getting big and strong for 200,000 years, long before there were gyms and weights. Of course, most of that strength training was from fighting off wild animals and the occasional other human. Still, we have evolved with the ability to get strong and reach our fitness peak even without the use of gyms and weight machines. While the bench press and the rowing machine might be marvels of human ingenuity that allow you to get strong faster, they aren’t the only way that you can improve your strength. Here are some ways that you can do all the strength training you need without ever setting foot inside a gym.

Push-ups: Push-ups are a staple in upper-body conditioning without weights. Push-ups pit your own weight against your strength and can be adjusted to work quite a few different body parts. Push-up variations like the diamond-shaped push-up and the one-arm push-up are the same basic exercise with completely different targets. Narrow, or diamond push-ups, work your triceps and forearms while one handed push-ups like T-push-ups work out almost all of your entire upper body. If you want to target your chest, you can do a very wide push-up instead.

weighted pushups


Pull-ups: Although whenever you see someone doing pull-ups, it’s usually at the gym, these exercises can be done anywhere and they offer some amazing benefits. Just find yourself a solid bar that you can grip and use it to pull yourself up. You can do variations like clapping, one arm, parallel bar, towel-assisted and wide grip pull-ups to work different parts of your upper torso including lats, back, shoulders and biceps and triceps.


Chin-ups: Chin-ups are another great exercise out of the gym. You can do this strength training wherever you can find a straight bar that you can hang from. Chin-ups primarily work the latissimus dorsi and biceps but they can strengthen a few other areas as well.

chin ups


Levers: Levers are a difficult but rewarding exercise. You begin on a pull-up bar of some kind and you lift your body up so that you have turned completely 90 degrees from horizontal to vertical. The goal is to pause in the air before you come down, but if you can’t do that yet, it’s okay. Just keep practicing it.

front lever


Muscle-ups: This exercise is a variation of the pull-up but it works your core extremely well. How it works is, you have to lift your torso over the pull-up bar and then finish by extending your arms. This is a much more advanced exercise then the simple push-up or pull-up, and it does require great upper body strength and the ability to swing yourself up. You might need to practice it for a while until you get the hang of it.

how to do a muscle up


Dips: Dips are great because you can pretty much do them anywhere you happen to have the urge. If you have a chair nearby you can hold onto the edge of the chair and do dips that way. These exercises work your triceps better than any other non-gym exercise and you can easily take it up a notch by wearing a heavy bag while doing them.


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