Incline Bench Press

Anyone who is a fan of working out should be a fan of the bench press. This versatile little tool can help you work out several muscles and is especially useful when building up the chest and arms. The bench press is a marvel of modern fitness and if you’re into bench press exercises then you’re going to love the incline bench press. Exercises on the incline bench press are similar to the ones that you usually do, but they work a different set of muscles and you would be remiss in putting together a full workout without incorporating some incline bench.

incline bench press


What is an Incline Bench Press?

An incline bench press is just like your flat model, except that it is raised on one side to give you a 45-degree angle, a variation that makes for some great workouts that you wouldn’t usually get on the normal bench. Incline benches come in a couple different configurations. All-in-one gyms and more expensive benches are adjustable so that you can do many different kinds of incline, decline and flat bench exercises. The other kind is the simple incline bench that you only use for these type of exercises.


Benefits of the Incline Benches Press

The shoulders (deltoids) and the upper chest muscles are worked out with the incline bench press. Most of the time, the incline bench is set at about a 45 degree angle, but you can adjust if you want, assuming you have a bench that will allow you to make adjustments. Basically as you increase the incline you will put more pressure on the shoulders and less pressure on your chest. In fact if the incline is 90 degrees then the exercise won’t be called the bench press anymore, but the military press, a completely different exercise which doesn’t even target the chest. The ordinary bench press targets the chest whereas the military press targets the shoulders, so the incline bench press is very beneficial for those who wish to strengthen part of the chest and the deltoids at the same time.


What about Decline Bench Presses?

The problem with the decline bench press is that you really shouldn’t do it by yourself. Hanging by your feet with your head down near the carpet is a little more dangerous than doing a bench press by yourself with a bar and weights to lift. It is simply an awkward position. However, you do need the incline, decline and the regular bench press if you want to work out the entire chest. Each of those three bench presses work a slightly different part of the chest as well as the arms.


How to do Incline Bench Presses

First, sit down on the bench and lean back against the incline. Grasp the bar and begin lifting evenly. You may want to start off with a smaller amount of weight than you’re used to for bench presses. You may notice the part of your chest being worked right away as you start to do your reps with the bar or it may take some time to feel it.

The incline bench press is a great tool for anyone who wants to work their entire body the best idea is to have a bench that is adjustable so you can do inclines, declines and regular bench presses.

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