The 3 Best Ways to Increase Punching Power

Mike Tyson, George Foreman, David Tua, Rocky Marciano… love them or hate them, there’s one thing you have to admire about them, and that’s their punching power. Some boxing and fighting experts say punching power is determined by genetics and cannot be significantly increased. I disagree. Yes, as with any other skill and ability, genetics certainly do play a role in punching power but the notion that power can’t be increased is a myth and I will show you how to punch harder.

how to punch harder

Punching power depends on the strength of the body and speed (the snap) with which to throw your punches. It’s not uncommon to see muscular and strong people with weak punching power. A clear example of this is Mariusz Pudzianowski, the polish strongman who competed in a few MMA matches. He’s a very strong man but if you watch his matches you will see that his punches weren’t that strong for his size and strength. Brock Lesnar wasn’t a strong puncher either, even though he’s a very strong man. Like I said you need that speed and not just strength to punch hard. Nonetheless a strong physique certainly does help and the stronger you are the more capable you will be of throwing hard punches. You’re probably asking right now, “which muscle do I need to train most to increase punching power?” which brings us to:


Way No.1

The legs. Seriously, most people think that having a strong upper body is necessary for strong punching power but having strong legs is actually more important. The legs are the pediment of the body and that’s where the power for your punches is generated. This might sound stupid but it was actually scientifically proven. So if you’re a good puncher but feel as though you’re not punching as hard as you should be then you should train your legs. Just by strengthening your legs you should increase your punching power significantly and your legs can easily be strengthened with squats and the leg press. Those two would definitely be the best leg strengthening exercises for a boxer or martial artist. Honestly for people who are virile and have that “snap” behind their punches increasing punching power is actually quite an easy process. All you have to do is strengthen your body, especially your lower body. Know that punching power starts from the legs and gets transferred to the upper body though, so don’t neglect the latter either. On this website you will find plenty of posts which show you how to strengthen your entire physique so I suggest you read them.


Way No.2

There are those who are less endowed and simply do not have that snap behind their punches. Such people may be really strong but simply are not virile and not capable enough to throw a hard punch. If you fall into this category then you will find it harder to increase your power but you shouldn’t give up because it is possible with this method and the next. Buy a heavy punching bag. Those commonly found in fitness stores are usually way too light and way too easy to move so they’re not good enough. Buy a heavy duty heavy bag and instead of hitting it with multiple combo shots, hit it once as hard as you can with all of your rage. Learn to throw your whole weight and use your entire body strength when throwing the punch. If you observe hard punchers like Tyson and Tua you will see them twist their entire body, starting from the legs and the hips before throwing their hooks and uppercuts. Try doing the same thing. For jabs and straight punches you should throw your body slightly forward with each punch. Think about something which angers you or someone you hate and punch with bad intentions (as Mike Tyson used to say). Anger and rage enable you to punch harder. You can take this exercise up a notch by performing it with a weight vest or a weighted bag.


Way No.3

The last way is the most difficult but probably the most rewarding, and that is to increase virility – masculinity. Testosterone is the main male hormone which separates a man from a woman. If you watch female boxers you will see that they seriously lack punching power. Even the hardest hitting female Ann Wolfe is not that impressive when compared to men of the same size. This is because they lack testosterone and having a good amount of this hormone naturally (supplements don’t work in the long run because when you take them the body tends to reduce or stop natural production which is bad) will help you out a lot in increasing punching power. Testosterone is created from cholesterol so you should eat plenty of eggs, meat and dairy products. A meat based diet is better for a fighter than a vegetable based diet. The second step of increasing virility is to engage in high intensity training like hitting the punching bag as hard as you can as explained in “way no.2”. Other ways are to sprint or swim as fast as possible. Basically you can do anything as long as you’re giving it your all while doing it. Rowing and cycling are two other examples.  The third step is a controversial one. Some say it is nonsense while others swear by it. I’m talking about sexual abstinence and if you’re a boxing enthusiast then you have definitely heard of it. As far as I know there is no scientific study which proves (or disproves) that abstinence increases virility and is good for you, but like I said some people including me think that it works. I have experienced great effects on my body by continence, including the ability to channel more rage and punch harder. Muhammad Ali abstained too before fights and so did/do many other fighters. You be the judge of this. A good diet and high intensity exercise are certainly conductive to virility though.

Those are the three best ways to increase punching power. For the best results you should do all 3 of them.

2 thoughts on “The 3 Best Ways to Increase Punching Power

  1. Mikael Soros

    Another great method to increase punching power is to exercise by punching as hard as you can in a pool or in the sea. The water makes it difficult to punch hard and will help build your power and fast twitch muscles at the same time.

    1. admin Post author

      That’s a very good method as well. I didn’t mention it because not too many people have pools and people might think you’re insane if they see you training that way in the sea. But yeah if you have access to a private pool then it’s a very good exercise.


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