How to Increase Grip Strength

So you want to increase your grip strength? To do so you must train properly and strengthen your wrist and forearm. Let us go through some of the best ways to do so.



Perhaps this is the best way to increase grip strength. A gripper is a tool designed purposely to improve the strength of one’s grip. Here’s how it looks like:

Hand Gripper

You increase your grip strength simply by closing the gripper repeatedly. The common grippers, like the one above are normally very easy to close and won’t improve your grip strength that much unless you’re a woman or a weak man. If you’re a man with average strength then I recommend using heavy grip hand grippers like the one below:

Heavy Gripper

There are 6 of these grippers which start from the HG100 and go up to HG350. The first one is not that much harder from the common “easy” gripper, but the last ones are very difficult to close. The purpose of these Heavy Grippers is to increase your strength gradually as you advance from one gripper to the next. It requires monstrous grip strength to close the last one and only a few people have been recorded doing so.



The Deadlift is most commonly associated with back strength and core training, but it’s actually a very good exercise for your grip as well. You hold the bar with your hands after all, and you won’t be able to lift heavily if your grip is weak, even if your back is strong enough for the weight.


Do not use straps when doing the deadlift. That’s the trick, there is no special way to increase wrist strength with this method. Simply grab it as tight as you can and lift with all of your strength, but make sure it’s heavy enough to cause fatigue after a few reps, otherwise you won’t improve that much.


Pull ups

Chimpanzees and other primates have amazing grip strength. Genetics definitely play a role in this but part of the reason for their great grip and upper body strength is the fact that they’re always climbing trees with their hands.

pull ups

You can increase your upper body strength, especially grip strength by climbing things. And the best thing about this is that you don’t need any equipment. Just hold onto something and use your strength to rise up and down… by doing so the strength of your grip will definitely increase. When pull-ups start to become easier to perform you can take it up a notch by performing them with a weighted vest or a weighted bag on your back.



This is a great old school way of increasing not just the strength of your grip but of your whole arm.

sawing for strength

The method is simple. Simply grab a saw and start sawing a piece of wood or stone. The stronger the material, the more effective the training will be. Hold the tool firmly and saw with all your might until your arm is sore. If you do this frequently you’ll build tremendous grip strength in a very short amount of time. Lumberjacks typically have large arms, forearms and wrists and if you start sawing you’ll quickly find out why.

Those are some of the best ways to build your grip. Just remember to use all of your grip strength while doing these exercises.

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