How to get Bigger and Stronger Chest Muscles

From an appearance viewpoint, a well built man without a muscular chest is like a lion without his mane and strength-wise, having big and strong chest muscles will give you a lot of pushing power so it’s quite useful. If something ever falls onto you while you’re lying down, you will quickly realize how useful it is to have a strong chest so don’t neglect it.


Bench Press

One of the best ways to build a strong muscular chest is to perform the bench press on a regular basis. Just make sure the bar is parallel to your chest when you lift because if it’s parallel to your shoulders the strain on your chest would be reduced and thrown onto the shoulder, and you don’t want that if your aim is strengthening the chest.

bench press

In my opinion the bench press is the best exercise for building chest strength and many other powerlifters will tell you the same. The problem is that people who hate going to gyms and don’t have the money or space at home to buy one cannot perform it. And even if you buy one you would not be able to perform the exercise at its best without a partner, so yes it can be problematic, which is why I recommend this exercise:


Weighted pushups

The regular pushup doesn’t do much for building chest strength unless you do really high reps. It’s more of a keep fit workout than a bodybuilding and powerlifting exercise, but a weighted pushup certainly does help. Simply wear a heavy bag and do those push ups with them until you tire out.

weighted pushups

This exercise rivals the bench press in effectiveness and you don’t need anyone else, nor do you need to buy expensive equipment to perform it. As you improve you can increase the effectiveness of the exercise by wearing a weighted vest along with the weighted bag.


Raised Weighted Pushups

You can take it up a notch by doing weighted but raised pushups. Use chairs to accomplish this or buy push up bars:

pushup bars

The raised platform will allow you to go lower, thereby increasing the difficulty and effectiveness of each push up.

I still prefer the bench press because it’s one of the three powerlifting lifts and it’s fun to compete with other people, but the raised weighted push up exercise is just as effective for building chest muscle so choose the one you like most.

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