How to get a Stronger, Bigger Neck

There are three very effective ways to strengthen and enlarge your neck and I recommend that you do at least two of them since they target different parts of this body part. The first and the most effective one is to train your neck with a neck developer, like this:

Neck Developer

I’ve seen plenty of boxers train like this, and if you follow boxing you should know that most of the competitors have strong muscular necks compared to the average individual. You can easily buy a neck developer from a sports store or from E-bay… then all you have to do is attach some heavy thing to it, like a disc plate, assume a standing or flat position as shown above, and start lifting your head up and down until your neck tires out. With this exercise you should be able to enlarge and strengthen your neck significantly in a very short amount of time.

The second method to strengthen (a different part of) your neck, is to perform shrugs. This method doesn’t enlarge the neck itself (the front part), but it will build up your upper trapezius muscle (known in bodybuilding circles as traps), which consist of the base and back of the neck. The famous boxer David Tua is a great example of a man with large traps:

large traps

You can perform shrugs either by grabbing a weighted barbell and shrugging it or with two dumbbells. Both work fine and have the same effect but personally I prefer the latter method:


You must not use your arms at all when doing the shrugs. In this exercise the arms are used only for grabbing the weights and the lift should be done solely by lifting your traps. At first this exercise might feel a little weird but eventually you will get used to it and if your trapezius feels sore the next day after performing then you know you’re doing the right thing. If you’re more interested in size than strength, then you should go for lower weight, higher rep training and increase your intake of protein-rich food, but as I said elsewhere, I don’t recommend this type of training at all. I recommend heavy weight, low rep training, with a decent intake of protein rich food. With low rep training you will get stronger much faster and while the targeted body parts may not grow as fast and as big as a bodybuilder’s, they will grow enough eventually. Like I said before, it is pointless to have large powerless muscles because they will slow you down.

The third method is the neck bridge and this is particularly useful to those who don’t have weights or a neck developer because no equipment is required for it. To perform it simply lie on your back and rise on your head and legs, like this:

neck bridge

NOTE: The man in this pic is Mike Tyson performing this exercise.

Then all you have to do is move forward and backward with your legs. Personally I prefer using a neck developer instead of doing this but this exercise has the advantage that it can be done anywhere without any equipment.

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