How to Gain Weight

For decades now we’ve had official standards that classified us into healthy weight, underweight, overweight and obese. You can even break those down further if you’d like. But the point is, once we became divided into those categories, everyone was obsessed with weight. Some men slimmed down to the point where they were actually underweight and women have gone crazy with the whole diet thing the last 10 years or so. There are lots of websites that will tell you how to lose weight, but here, we’re going to tell you how to gain weight – and more importantly – why you should.

how to gain weight

There are three different strategies that we’ll discuss for gaining weight the natural way. All of them are important. While our society is obsessed with being as thin and fit as possible, you shouldn’t be underweight. Find out what your ideal weight is and stay between the two numbers, don’t go too low or too high, or you’ll put yourself at risk for health problems. While it’s not as bad as being overweight, being underweight is actually bad for your health as well.

Better health isn’t the only reason people seek to gain weight though. Weight gaining is a frequent aim of people who wish to get stronger and Boxers/MMA fighters who want to fight in a higher weight class. Having a good BMI will lead to a better lifestyle and to more physical strength and it’s always nice to be stronger even if you’re not a boxer or a powerlifter. Now, let’s discuss the weight gain strategies.

What to Eat: Your first method of gaining is knowing what to eat. There are certain foods that will make you lose, and certain ones that will make you gain, but it’s actually more complicated than that. You can’t just shove a bunch of fried foods into your body to gain weight. Sure, you’ll pack on the pounds, but you’ll also be making yourself unhealthy. What you need to do instead is eat healthier muscle-building food like meat, fish, dairy products, shellfish, eggs, nuts. You want to get foods into your body that have a lot of protein and nutrients because that way you’ll not only gain weight but you also be giving your body everything that it needs to be healthy.

When to Eat: did you know that the time of day that you eat can also affect whether or not you gain weight? One of the reasons why you might not be gaining weight as fast as you’d like is that you’re eating your food too early in the day. For those that are extremely active any food eaten during the day is burned as fuel so it doesn’t contribute to weight gain. However, if you can eat just before you go to bed, have a much greater chance of gaining weight from it. Eating after exercising is also better than eating beforehand for bulking up.

Building Muscle: finally, the third and most important way that you can gain some weight is actually to build the muscle. When you work out what you are essentially doing is increasing the size of your muscle. Muscle tissue is heavier than fat, and when you add just a little of it to your body you add plenty of weight. It really does not matter which muscles you build; they are all going to give you a little bit of weight gain. However, the larger muscles like the glutes, will definitely make your weight go up faster than some of the other muscle groups. Indeed you can easily gain 1kg just by working that huge muscle out a little with squats and If you train most of the muscles in your legs, upper body and arms then you should be able to gain weight very quickly.

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    hello……..i lost 7 kg in 3 month…just due to tension and over burden of work…..and now face looks vry thinner……due to which my whole beauty has gone and i look aged……kindly tell me how can i gain fat on face soon


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