Forearm Workouts

The forearms don’t always get the love they deserve. There are a lot of muscle groups that we think of when it comes to strength and endurance and unfortunately, the forearms just don’t make the list. But they are actually a pretty important part of your quest for arm strength. Here are some forearm exercises that will help you build that strength in short amount of time.

forearm workouts


Backwards Cable Curl

Okay, the backwards cable curl is our first contender. This is a great exercise to do on a pulley machine but you want to make sure that you have a D-handle attached, as that is the best grip handle for this exercise. Grab the handle with one hand and step away from the machine, with your back facing the machine, and take a step so that your right leg is in front of the left (if you are using your left on the cable) or vice versa. Curl the handle but stop before you reach the point where your elbow is pointing in front of you.


Preacher Bench Curl

You’re going to need a preacher bench for this next exercise. Incidentally, if you’ve ever wondered why they call it a preacher bench (or you don’t know which one is a preacher bench) it is the one that looks like a pulpit in front of you. Curl the bar once you are seated but keep your arms pressed against the bench. This is the perfect form. Now, lower the bar slowly.


Backwards Curl

Okay, let’s do the backwards curl. You need to grab the bar in exactly the opposite way that you usually do. Don’t worry about width, just find one that is comfortable. Now, press your upper arms against your sides and without taking them from that position, curl the bar. This is a wonderful forearm workout that you will feel right away.


Widened-Grip Curl

This probably doesn’t even need a description. If you have curled before you know how to do this exercise. All you need to do is widen your grip. You are probably used to grabbing the bar at shoulder width. Just extend your grip a few inches on each side and then curl the bar. You will know that you have the right grip because you will feel it in your forearms.


Pull-up with a Towel

Here’s an easy exercise that you can do with just a pull-up bar and a towel. While a regular pull-up works mostly your biceps, a pull-up with a towel is a terrific forearm workout, plus you have a towel for the sweat! Loop your towel over the bar and grab each hand. Then, all you need to do is pull yourself up until your chin has surpassed the bottom of the towel. Not everyone can do this exercise, but you will get close if you just hang from the towel instead.


Farmer’s Walk

The Farmer’s Walk is a strongman workout that does an amazing job on your forearms. Just grab the heaviest dumbbells that you are able to get off the ground and walk a few steps with your arms at your sides.

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