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The Easiest Way To Lose Weight and Stay Slim Forever

No it’s not exercise and it is not food restriction either. You can live a sedentary lifestyle, eat till you’re full daily and still lose that excess fat quite quickly. All you need to do is replace or limit food made with flour (particularly white flour) such as pasta, pizza, bread, doughnuts etc… with other food such as meat, fish, poultry, eggs, dairy products, nuts, fruit and vegetables.

food for weight loss

NOTE: All of this food above is acceptable and there’s a lot more. In the past some tribes and civilizations literally lived off without grain, and in paleolithic times it is thought that humanity subsisted on leafy vegetables, fruit, nuts and insects, meat, fish, and shellfish. No grain either, so it can be done.

Restricting your food intake as recommended by several dieticians is foolish and doesn’t work in the long run because people get tired of following a restricted diet and feeling hungry all the time. Losing weight by frequent exercise isn’t practical either because people will normally get bored, stop performing said exercise and gain weight once again. My solution is much more simple and practical. Keep eating the same amount of food but change some of it. Products made of grains, especially refined grains are very fattening so instead of things made of white flour like pasta or bread, eat things like meat, ham, fish, eggs, cheese, vegetables, nuts, fruit etc… Most fruit and vegetables don’t fill you up much but meat, eggs, fish & dairy products do, so eat them when you feel really hungry. There are also several confectionary products in which white flour is used such as cakes and doughnuts. If you’re going to eat sweets it’d be better if you eat chocolate instead. Contrary to popular belief, normal chocolate isn’t that fattening. It is fattening to a degree but not as much as a doughnut of the same size made with white flour.

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