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How to Increase Testosterone

Ever since the discovery and identification of hormones like testosterone and estrogen, the former has been associated with the “manly” man (think Bruce Willis in “Die Hard”) and the latter with the females. While you might not need to run barefoot through a Japanese office building to rescue hostages from a group of terrorists, you probably could use an increase in to increase testosterone

Like penis size, women say they don’t care about how much testosterone a guy has, but the research shows different. In studies, women were more apt to choose men with features caused by increased testosterone like a deeper voice, or a more masculine face, particularly during ovulation. But we don’t need scientists to tell us that women prefer manlier men, right? If you want to improve those manly features, there are some ways that you can increase your testosterone naturally.

What is Testosterone?

Contrary to popular mythology, both males and females have testosterone, just as both sexes have estrogen. It’s all in the levels how feminine or masculine you look, sound and act. This hormone resides in the testes, ovaries and adrenal glands and it produces male characteristics like a deep voice, a masculine face or body, increased sperm count, increased muscle mass and much more. While you can theoretically have too much testosterone, or “T”, most men could use a little more and there are surprising health benefits to increasing it like: elevated mood, improved circulation, increased BMR and more.

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Farmer’s Walk Exercise

The farmer’s walk is one of the best core strengthening exercises, and is usually one of the many challenges in the strongman competition. Like the deadlift it works several muscles at once but is much more effective for the legs since you are moving.

farmer's walk

How to do it properly

First you must prepare some weights. Dumbbells/barbells, buckets filled with sand or water or bags with heavy stuff in them are all good. The important thing is to have the same weight on both sides to keep balance.

Put the weights on your sides and grab them with a tight grip. Then just lift them up and walk to the targeted spot. The pace should be normal: not too quick but not too slow either. If you find it easy to do the farmer’s walk with the current weights then I recommend increasing the weight and/or distance rather than increasing your speed.

That’s pretty much it. It’s a very simple exercise to perform and the benefits are numerous.

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Core Strengthening Exercises

The importance of core strength cannot be overstated. Speak to any fitness guru or professional sports coach and they will always refer to core strength as being a huge factor in strength building. First of all I should clear the misconception that core strength refers to the strength of the abdominal muscles. Abdominal strength is a part of it but core strength refers to the strength of your entire torso.

Now there are many different exercises that you can incorporate into a core training program. For some, these core exercises will be challenging enough on their own. For others, you may wish to consider incorporating weights into the exercise to make it harder. Let’s take a look at some of these core strengthening exercises in more detail.


Sit Ups

We might as well start with the most popular core strengthening exercise – the sit up. Sit ups are beneficial in working the abdominals and other stomach muscles, which are an important part of your core. With sit ups, try to focus on form rather than speed, and difficulty rather than quantity. If they are easy for you to perform then do them while holding some weight or while wearing a weighted vest. You can also do them upside down like this:

sit ups upside down

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How to Do a Muscle Up

The muscle up is probably the best calisthenics exercise in existence because it targets several parts of the upper body and works them intensely. Almost everyone can do a push up and a sit up but very few people can do a muscle up. In fact most untrained people have a hard time doing one pull up!

how to do a muscle up

Here’s a step by step guide on how to do a muscle up:

  • The muscle up is basically a pull up followed by a dip and the transition between those two is the most difficult part of the exercise. To make that transition easier some people hold the pull-up bar with their thumbs on the bar instead of around it. The grip will obviously be weaker like this but some say it helps them with the transition. Try that first and see how it goes.
  • People who can’t do the muscle up are usually either not strong enough or not using the correct technique (or both). Strength is the most important of the two though. In fact if your muscles are strong enough you will be able to do it regardless of how bad your technique is. The best way to train your body and get stronger for this exercise is to do the very same exercises involved in the muscle-up, namely the pull up and the dip. Ideally the dips should be performed on a pull up bar in front of you (as it’s done in a muscle up) instead of the usual dip bar with two bars on your sides. Some people use gymnastic rings but I prefer a bar. Train diligently and use a weighted vest or a weighted backpack to make your exercise more efficient.

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