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Bicep Workouts

So, you want to improve your biceps but you don’t know all of the exercises you can do to make that happen. You probably know at least a couple. Everyone who is interested in fitness has at least heard of a couple of bicep workouts, but actually there are quite a few to choose from.

barbell curl

Standing Barbell Biceps Curl: this is a great workout for the entire biceps area. The primary focus is the brachii but it is amazing for building strength throughout the entire region. However, you want to make sure that your form is good with this exercise. Make sure that your back is straight and make sure that your elbows are in. Also, make sure that you’re not holding the barbell with your hands too close together. Your hands need to be wide enough to work the bicep not another part of the arm.

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Forearm Workouts

The forearms don’t always get the love they deserve. There are a lot of muscle groups that we think of when it comes to strength and endurance and unfortunately, the forearms just don’t make the list. But they are actually a pretty important part of your quest for arm strength. Here are some forearm exercises that will help you build that strength in short amount of time.

forearm workouts


Backwards Cable Curl

Okay, the backwards cable curl is our first contender. This is a great exercise to do on a pulley machine but you want to make sure that you have a D-handle attached, as that is the best grip handle for this exercise. Grab the handle with one hand and step away from the machine, with your back facing the machine, and take a step so that your right leg is in front of the left (if you are using your left on the cable) or vice versa. Curl the handle but stop before you reach the point where your elbow is pointing in front of you.

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Best Tricep Exercises

The triceps may not be the first thing you think about when it comes to building overall strength but there is no doubt that they are important. In fact, the triceps are even more important for overall arm strength than the biceps. Triceps are bigger, stronger and much more important than your biceps, a relatively useless muscle, and rather than neglect them as most people do, you should work on them twice as much as your biceps if strength is your goal. Here are some of the best tricep exercises to do just that.



The first triceps exercise that we’re going to discuss is dips. This is a great exercise for a couple of reasons. First, you can do it literally anywhere. You just need a chair or some solid surface with an edge. Second, it seems so simple, but it is still one of the best triceps exercises around. So, how do you do dips? The best way is on the parallel bars, but if you don’t have any handy, you can use any raised platform with an edge. Sit backwards and lower yourself as far as you can go, doing straight and even dips.



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How to Get Very Strong Arms

There are several advantages to having strong arms. A strong pair of hands are useful in everyday life and men with overly strong arms give the impression that their body is much stronger than it actually is. In a pushing contest between two men, the one with a weaker body (weaker legs, back and core) can manage to push back the stronger one if he has stronger arms. By using his superior arm strength to push the opponent’s arms back he would ruin his balance and render his superior body strength futile, because one simply can’t push with all of his might if his arms are being held back.

strong arms

There are 4 specific exercises which one must do in order to get very strong arms. The most common one is the bicep curl exercise which increases your arm pulling power and gives you an edge in competitions like arm wrestling. Such an exercise is indeed great for building arm strength but it does not strengthen your whole arm. It does not work the muscles of the back of your arm such as the triceps and it doesn’t strengthen all of the muscles in your front arm either because the deltoids are left out. Also the grip is worked out but can be strengthened much more with different exercises, so as you can see, while the traditional and popular method (bicep curl) of working your arms is good, it is not enough to strengthen your whole arms. Let us go through the 4 best ways to strengthen your arm entirely. The trick to gain strength quickly with all of these exercises is to do heavy weight low rep training.

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Best Ways to Train Your Biceps

If you want to have strong arms, you must train your biceps. By training the bicep muscle you will increase your pull and overall arm strength, which will give you an advantage in arm wrestling and grappling contests. Follow these methods below to increase your bicep strength in a short amount of time.


Dumbbell Bicep Curl

This is probably the most well-known bicep training method. It’s simple, requires little equipment (so it can be easily done at home), and is very effective.

bicep curl

Grab the dumbbell, sit with your elbow on your thigh, drop the forearm all the way down, and lift, ideally without moving any other parts of your body.  Aim for 5 dumbbell reps. After it’s done you should increase the dumbbell weight by 1kg. Do that every time you reach 5 reps with the current dumbbell. The upward movement of the forearm will strengthen your biceps a lot in a very short amount of time.

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How to Increase Grip Strength

So you want to increase your grip strength? To do so you must train properly and strengthen your wrist and forearm. Let us go through some of the best ways to do so.



Perhaps this is the best way to increase grip strength. A gripper is a tool designed purposely to improve the strength of one’s grip. Here’s how it looks like:

Hand Gripper

You increase your grip strength simply by closing the gripper repeatedly. The common grippers, like the one above are normally very easy to close and won’t improve your grip strength that much unless you’re a woman or a weak man. If you’re a man with average strength then I recommend using heavy grip hand grippers like the one below:

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