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How to Get a Six Pack

Let me guess… you were wondering how to get a six pack without sit ups. Am I right? Trust me you’re not the only one who hates sit ups. I detest doing them as well and today I will be showing you not 1, not 2, but 11 alternatives.

First of all what’s your BMI? Generally people don’t have a six pack because they’re fat and/or have small abdominal muscles. If you fall in the former category then you should checkout this diet, but you don’t necessarily need to have a very low BMI for your abs to stand out. I’ve seen men with significant amounts of body fat who still had a six pack. This happens because their abdominal muscles are huge. If you follow a strict abdominal workout then you should be able to get a six pack even if you’re a little on the fatter side, so don’t obsess too much over weight loss. Building muscle is more important.

Now, performing different exercises will make the ab workout routine less boring for most people, so here’s a comprehensive list of abdominal exercises for you (in no particular order):


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The 3 Best Ways to Strengthen your Abdominals and get a Six-Pack

If you were wondering how to get a six-pack, you should know right now that you don’t need to take any supplements, nor do you need to change your diet unless you are overweight or on a diet which provides very little protein. The actual purpose of this post is to show you how to get strong abdominals, not how to get a six-pack, but if you work hard on the former, the latter should be accomplished automatically if you have the normal amount of body fat.

six pack mike tyson

The six pack certainly does look cool and attractive but I like to emphasize on the importance of strength rather than appearance. The abs, along with the lower back, hold the upper and lower body together and by training them you will be strengthening your core, and increasing the strength of your entire body. Strong abdominal muscles will help you out with climbing, pushing, grappling and fighting (both in punching and for defense when you get hit in your belly and stomach), and that’s why most martial artists and boxers train their abdominals diligently.

Your abdominal muscles are probably not very muscular, and that’s why you’re reading this post, right? Are you skinny, normal, or fat?  If you’re skinny or normal and you don’t have a sixpack then it is because your abdominal muscles are not big enough. If you’re fat, or maybe you’re not but have a lot of belly fat, then your abdominals will not show even if they are strong and big. There are exceptions to this; some bodybuilders have such huge abdominal muscles that they will show even if they have a fat belly, but most of the time fat people don’t have a six pack and if they do, their six pack would look much better when they lose their fat. So, if you are overweight you should start doing cardio exercises and change your diet (reduce food made with flour like bread and pasta) to cut that belly fat. For the strengthening of the abdominal muscles and “acquisition” of the six pack I recommend three simple exercises:

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