Bicep Workouts

So, you want to improve your biceps but you don’t know all of the exercises you can do to make that happen. You probably know at least a couple. Everyone who is interested in fitness has at least heard of a couple of bicep workouts, but actually there are quite a few to choose from.

barbell curl

Standing Barbell Biceps Curl: this is a great workout for the entire biceps area. The primary focus is the brachii but it is amazing for building strength throughout the entire region. However, you want to make sure that your form is good with this exercise. Make sure that your back is straight and make sure that your elbows are in. Also, make sure that you’re not holding the barbell with your hands too close together. Your hands need to be wide enough to work the bicep not another part of the arm.

Chin-ups: if you think about it, chin-ups are pretty amazing exercise. They primarily work your lats, but they are also one of the best bicep exercises that you can do, working not only all three regions the biceps but also the forearms.

Preacher Curls with the EZ Bar: You can also do preacher curls with the EZ bar in order to build bicep strength. The reason that you’re going to be doing it over the preacher bench is because your form will determine just how good you work all three areas of your biceps. You want to alternate on this exercise between a wide grip and a narrow grip so that you can hit the three muscles of the bicep as well as give a few of the other parts of the arm a little workout.

Bicep Dumbbell Curls on the Incline Bench: The way that you are seated on the incline bench will give you a great bicep workout if you use the dumbbells. The incline helps you target the lower part of the bicep muscle and is a great exercise for this particular muscle group, probably better than just about anything else out there.

Hammer Curls: Finally, using dumbbells to do hammer curls is another great bicep burn. Make sure you keep your form if you want to build muscle. This is primarily for the brachialis, but it works the other parts of the bicep group too.

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