Best Ways to Train Your Biceps

If you want to have strong arms, you must train your biceps. By training the bicep muscle you will increase your pull and overall arm strength, which will give you an advantage in arm wrestling and grappling contests. Follow these methods below to increase your bicep strength in a short amount of time.


Dumbbell Bicep Curl

This is probably the most well-known bicep training method. It’s simple, requires little equipment (so it can be easily done at home), and is very effective.

bicep curl

Grab the dumbbell, sit with your elbow on your thigh, drop the forearm all the way down, and lift, ideally without moving any other parts of your body.  Aim for 5 dumbbell reps. After it’s done you should increase the dumbbell weight by 1kg. Do that every time you reach 5 reps with the current dumbbell. The upward movement of the forearm will strengthen your biceps a lot in a very short amount of time.


Barbell bicep curl

This is similar to the dumbbell bicep curl but better, because you work both biceps at the same time.

barbell curl

Also since you will be standing up while doing it you will be strengthening your back and core as well – so it’s a very great exercise. The same procedure of the first exercise should be followed. Aim for five reps and increase the weight by 1kg every time you reach that.  As with the single bicep curl, the biceps will be strengthened by the upward movement of your forearms.



A less popular way of strengthening your biceps but very effective nonetheless. Simply grab onto a bar with your pulse towards you as shown in this picture and start going up and down.

chin ups

It may not be as effective for the bicep muscles as the dumbbell curls but it certainly does work and it also strengthens your  grip and other parts of the body, so it’s also a very good exercise. If you can do 10 chin ups easily, then you should try doing them with a backpack or a weighted vest.

There are other bicep training methods but these are the most effective ones if you ask me. In fact if you do the first exercise alone it would be enough for this muscle.

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