Best Way to Strengthen your Lower Back

So I’ve been reading a couple of articles on how to increase lower back strength and some of the suggestions included aerobic exercises which was quite funny. You are deluding yourself if you think you can build a stronger lower back with aerobic exercises.

There is no special exercise or a magical way to increase back strength. If you want to get a stronger lower back then you must lift weights or things, the heavier the better. The deadlift is definitely the best exercise for this if you have the equipment and the trick to increase your strength in a short amount of time is to do one rep and low rep, heavy weight training. deadlift

Let’s say your one rep deadlift max is 200kg/440lbs. To increase that weight I would start my workout by lifting 200kg, and then I would start reducing the weight discs and do reps until I tire out. After 200kg I would go down to 185kg, to 170kg and then to 150kg. The next day, or two days later, I would start out with 200kg once again and see if I can do 2 reps instead of one this time. If I succeed in doing that then I will increase the max weight with 1-5kg and start from there next time. By doing this type of workout you should be able to increase your lower back strength in a very short amount of time.

The other alternative for those who do not have the equipment for the deadlift is to lift heavy things, like large rocks. The strongman competition called the Atlas Stone Lift involves this sort of thing. Competitors lift heavy rocks called Atlas Stones and put them in their place as quickly as possible. The one who lifts them all first wins.

atlas stone

Try lifting some large rocks if you go to the wilderness. Large truck tires are also pretty good to train with.

truck tire lift

This type of training is not as effective as the deadlift though because with the deadlift you know precisely where you’re at and you can easily tell whether your lower back is getting stronger or not. So I recommend you buy a good barbell and all the weight discs necessary to train. They’re really not that expensive and if you really enjoy getting stronger then it is totally worth it. Remember that the deadlift strengthens your entire body not just your lower back. The lower back is the most affected part but your upper back is strengthened as well as your legs and grip.

This is why the deadlift is considered by many to be the best powerlifting exercise.

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