Best Tricep Exercises

The triceps may not be the first thing you think about when it comes to building overall strength but there is no doubt that they are important. In fact, the triceps are even more important for overall arm strength than the biceps. Triceps are bigger, stronger and much more important than your biceps, a relatively useless muscle, and rather than neglect them as most people do, you should work on them twice as much as your biceps if strength is your goal. Here are some of the best tricep exercises to do just that.



The first triceps exercise that we’re going to discuss is dips. This is a great exercise for a couple of reasons. First, you can do it literally anywhere. You just need a chair or some solid surface with an edge. Second, it seems so simple, but it is still one of the best triceps exercises around. So, how do you do dips? The best way is on the parallel bars, but if you don’t have any handy, you can use any raised platform with an edge. Sit backwards and lower yourself as far as you can go, doing straight and even dips.



Narrow Grip Bench Presses

The second exercise we’ll be doing for your triceps is the narrow bench press. You are probably familiar with the bench press, as it is a great chest workout, but if you move your hands inward, you’ll find it is also a great triceps exercise. The closer your hands are the harder your triceps have to work.

narrow grip bench press


Tricep Extensions with the E-Z Bar

Doing triceps extensions with the E-Z Bar is also a great workout if you do it correctly. To perform simply sit down somewhere with the bar behind your head and then push it over your head as shown in the picture below. As usual you should do heavy weight low rep training if you want to increase strength in a short amount of time.

best tricep exercises


Rope Pull on a Pulley Machine

The rope pull is another great exercise for the tricep muscles but unlike the other exercises a machine is required for this one:

rope pull pulley machine

As you can see in the picture above, all you need to do is hold the rope and pull it downwards. Such machines are pretty common in gyms.


Lying Kettlebell Push

This is similar to the narrow grip bench press and can be done with dumbbells if you don’t have kettlebells. Just lie down on your back holding the kettle bells in each hand at your sides and then push upwards.

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