Best Calisthenics Workout

This is the best calisthenics workout I have ever seen:

With these calisthenic exercises he’s working almost all of his upper body quite intensely. His abdominals, grip, arm muscles such as the triceps and biceps, and several back and chest muscles are worked. And we can see how effective the training is by looking at his ripped physique and his abnormal strength. Here’s another video of him:

Cool exercises huh? By watching these vids you should be able to establish a great calisthenics routine. There are several videos on youtube of people doing these type of street workouts but this man is the most impressive one I have seen so far. Weight training is always recommended for those who want to increase physical strength but with these calisthenic exercises you should be able to become quite strong even if you don’t lift weights. Perhaps the best way to train would be to mix the two together. Imagine if you were to perform all of these hard exercises shown in the video with a 10-20kg weighted vest? You will surely gain monstrous strength.

If you’re a beginner to calisthenics then you should start by watching this:

For the more advanced trainees you can attempt to do the same exercises shown in the first two videos, and for the seasoned strongmen you can try to do those same exercise with a weighted vest, or with a backpack filled with weights. Don’t think these type of exercises will be easy to perform though even if you are a really strong man. I know men who have a very good deadlift and bench press, but can barely do one chin up properly. A trainer will tell you that it’s because different muscles are used but the main reason for this the BMI. You need to be fit for calisthenics. While very strong, the average strongman usually has way too much fat to excel in calisthenic exercises.

By performing rigorous calisthenics alone your body fat should decrease but you might want to change your diet and/or do some cardio exercises to speed up the process.

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  1. Dwight Johnson

    Wow, just wow, especially the last one where he holds his body up like a flag. It takes massive core strength to do that.


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